Sticking to Roots with Farmaesthetics

As you know, I’ve been following healthy skincare for more than 5 years now.  It’s been fun to watch brands go in and out of vogue, reformulate, repackage, thrive, and sometimes, sadly, disappear.  Of greatest interest to me are those that thrive.  The theme connecting them: authenticity and an unwavering adherence to brand values.  One excellent example is Farmaesthetics—a brand I’ve always loved for its Lavender Milk lotion, which I now love even more for its story and strong values.

Last week I had a great chat with Brenda Brock, founder of Farmaesthetics, in her Newport showroom.  Quite fitting that I conducted the entire interview from a rocking chair, as it helped me appreciate Brenda’s stories of growing up on a farm, and mixing her first skincare oils in the kitchen there.  As she mapped out her evolution from that Texas farm to the Rhode Island farm stand where she began selling her products I couldn’t help but think to myself—you can’t make this stuff up!

Many brands burn tons of cash on creating a beautiful story to fit their product—and rightfully so.  But then there’s Brenda—with no one else’s story but her own.  Not only has Brenda managed to thrive in this space, she’s become an authority in it.  She’s been pegged by product associations, wellness institutes, designer spas, and everyone between—to share her kitchen chemistry and sustainable beauty secrets.  She’s never changed her formulations, packaging, or message to accommodate the powers that be, and yet her products have stayed in vogue—and thriving—the entire time I’ve been researching the space!

The next time you pick up a Farmaesthetics product, check out the label.  It's in Brenda’s handwriting.  Even THIS hasn’t changed since the roadside farm stand!  She’s managed to scale everything from her kitchen recipes, to her writing on glass bottles, because it works!  

Brenda credits her success to sticking to principles…no matter what.  She joked with me, and her awesome Marketing Associate, Amanda, about how much she had to learn about business.  My thought: when it comes to smart growth and values, any business could learn a great deal from Ms. Brock!  

Here are some shots I snapped at the Newport apothecary last Friday.  Such an awesome space.  A must-do in lil' Rhody!

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