My name is Tara Foley, and my goal is to get YOU to pay as much attention to the ingredients in your skincare products as you do to the ingredients in your food.  Your skin is your largest organ, after all!

I began writing the Naturalchemyst blog in 2009 to discuss health, wellness, and sustainability.  The focus has always been healthy skincare.

My professional background is in B2B and B2C marketing, and my degrees are in Public Policy and Business.  I have also spent time working on an organic lavender farm in France, and for a skincare developer in Maine.  

A native of Washington, DC, and a former NYC dweller, I currently live in Boston, where I run a healthy beauty retail store.  It's called Follain.  If you've made it this far on the Naturalchemyst, you'd REALLY love Follain!

For any questions or feedback, please e-mail me at Naturalchemyst@gmail.com. 

Otherwise, enjoy the blog!