Confident Beauty with Shamanuti

I love meeting the founders of truly healthy skincare brands.  These entrepreneurs (oftentimes women—very cool!) are driven, passionate, creative, and RADIANT!  This week I had the opportunity to meet the beautiful Beth Hopkins, founder of Shamanuti.  What a woman, and WHAT a product!

Before jumping into skincare, Beth voraciously read and learned as much as possible about the best ingredients and processes used to make products that optimize skin functionality.  The skin has so many duties—like protecting and enriching our bodies, for two!  Beth wants us to be just as intentional with the things we put on our skin as we are (or try to be) with our food, exercise, mental health, and wellbeing.  I KNEW I’d like this lady.

The products that resulted from her studies, consultations, and caring are absolutely incredible.  They’re densely packed with nutrients that feed us from the outside, in.  They smell beautiful and real, but the ingredients are far from overpowering and appeal to men just as much as women.  They're gorgeous.  I first tried Shamanuti because of a visceral pull to take their lotion off the shelf in Whole Foods—the packaging was basic, beautiful, and real.  Beth describes her brand as “urban agrarian.”  God, is she cool.

By far the best part of my conversation with Beth was her unrelenting focus on confidence. When you go from scrubbing your face dry with chemicals to using nutrient-rich products, your skin will GLOW.  This will make you more confident, and her brand can deliver on this.  Beth even wants to begin supporting science clubs for young women.  I hope she does, and I definitely agree: without healthy confidence, we’ll never be the best version of ourselves.  We need confidence to achieve all that we're capable of; and we're capable of A LOT.  As I walked out of the beautiful Shamanuti workspace, Beth left me with great advice: "Don't be careful...be confident." 

Shamanuti founder Beth Hopkins.  

My favorite Shamanuti product so far: very nurturing Golden Light Night Cream!

Cool and calm Shamanuti offices.  

Crazy beautiful mansion I spied enroute to the offices! Good start to this sunny yet still cold weekend.
Enjoy it!

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