U.S.-Made Beauty Is Here To Stay

All thirty of Follain’s clean, pure, and effective beauty product brands are made in the U.S…for reasons you may not expect.

There’s no getting around it: when it comes to skincare, Europe has higher regulatory standards than the U.S.  There are 1,000+ toxic ingredients banned from beauty products in the E.U., and just 10 banned in the U.S.  Because our lack of regulation, most mass-manufactured U.S. skincare products are chock-full of cheap, toxic chemical ingredients that wear down our skin in the short term, and accumulate in our systems to make us sick in the long term.  This is one of the reasons why – for years – us Americans looked to Europe (mainly Germany and France) for the only truly healthy and effective products.  I’m VERY happy to say that this is no longer necessary!

The U.S. skincare industry is undergoing the same change already experienced by the food industry.  American brands have taken matters into their own hands, and created impeccable ingredient standards.  In fact, now many of the MOST effective and clean products are actually made here in the U.S.  

Before opening Follain, I did not have to make the choice of whether to sell brands from all over the world—or from the U.S., but I still chose to stick with the U.S.  Here’s why:
  1. The closer products are made to Follain, the less of a need there is for the nasty chemical preservatives necessary for shipping, and shelf life extension.
  2.  The closer products are made to Follain, the less of a carbon footprint there is in getting the products onto our shelves. 
  3. When given the choice of two equally awesome products, why wouldn’t we support U.S. jobs and manufacturing?
  4. U.S.-made brands are obviously uncompromising with their manufacturing.  We know for sure that they’re not employing any unethical low-cost overseas labor. 

It’s 2013, ladies and gents.  Almost 2014.  We no longer need to rely on other countries to set the trend for healthy beauty products.  We’ve caught up—and even exceeded—our friends across the pond in the skincare department.  And we should take pride in this!

Until next time, what's your favorite U.S.-made brand?


  1. What a well written post! It's shocking that the US only bans 10 toxic ingredients - however - it's encouraging to see so many folks out there navigating towards organic and natural skincare!

  2. I love your philosophy on skincare and products Made in the USA.