Earth Day Beauty Is Everyday Beauty for Most Models and Celebrities

April is a great month.  The sun is out.  It finally feels like spring.  It’s my birthday month.  And, of course, it’s Earth Day month!!  

To fashion magazines, Earth Day month equates to natural beauty month.  I’m not sure when the mags began spotlighting natural products each April, but I love the tradition and obviously have a lot to say about it.  For instance, do these Earth Day beauty spotlights mean that magazines recognize healthy skincare is better for BOTH our bodies AND the environment???

Not sure if you noticed this in the April issues, but I thought the juxtaposition of Town & Country’s Earth Day beauty review (first below) to InStyle's (second) was fascinating.  InStyle asks: do natural products really work?  Then T&C just goes ahead and lists beautiful celebrities’ healthy beauty product favorites—noting that these products have “become less the exception than the rule.”  HELL YES, Town & Country!!!  Who knew you’d be the most progressive of them all?!?!?

While InStyle, Women's Health, Elle, and others reviewed healthy products in their April Earth Day spotlights, they still tiptoed around these products like they might not be effective.  The unhealthy mass-market brands wouldn't want you to know it, but the reality is that natural skincare is not only effective…many (dare I say most?!?) models and celebrities use natural products ONLY!  In addition to those featured in the T&C spotlight, we know that Giselle Bundchen, Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba and others are on board with natural because they either make or license their own healthy product brands (check out the name links to see their brands).  The list goes on...  Natalie Portman, Carolyn Murphy, Emma Stone, Zooey Deschanel...!

If the women who are in the public eye most, and who MUST care for their skin and appearances (because they're paid to do so!) all use healthy, natural skincare products ONLY--how are we still questioning whether these products work?  How do we only get reviews of these products in April for Earth Day?  Let's join the models, celebrities, and women with the most impeccable skin.  In the wise words of the folks at Refinery29, let's make every day Earth Day...with our beauty products, and the rest of our lifestyles!  

Town & Country Earth Day Beauty Spotlight.

InStyle Earth Day Beauty Spotlight.

Womens Health April Earth Day Spotlight.

Elle Spotlight.

Beautiful spring day at the Boston Common!


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