This Crawl Isn't Just for Babies!

As we all know, mothers have a very powerful voice in Washington (and elsewhere!). Lucky for us, new mothers are campaigning as we speak for the elimination of toxic chemicals in our common household products. Seventh Generation's nationwide "Million Baby Crawl" campaign will hit cities all over the country before making it's way to Washington. In Washington, the mothers will ultimately move for the passing of the Kid Safe Chemicals Act.

While I'm not a parent, I'm still sad to miss this event. It stands for everything the Naturalchemyst supports, and it looks as if it might be pretty fun and interesting! So if you're near Madison Square Park today before 2pm (when the event ends), please drop by and let me know how it goes! The "Crawl to Action" event includes: a "Say No to Toxins" flag giveaway, a sign-making station, family entertainment, rallying, educational information and free Seventh Generation products.

Some reasons to get involved (whether you have a baby or not):
~ The current Toxic Substances Control Act is the ONLY law that regulates chemicals in consumer products. This law was passed over 30 years ago, before the MOST toxic consumer product chemicals were even designed!
~ Between the FDA, EPA, USDA and others, no federal agency has the power to regulate chemicals found in the products we use.
~ The Kid Safe Chemicals Act would ensure that consumer products are safer for EVERYONE!

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