Fast "Groom" Nation

Fast food is cheap, accessible and temporarily-pleasing. “Fast” skincare is the same - the products are cheap; they're convenient; and they make you smell and feel good…temporarily. If you bought your shampoo or body lotion from the local "uber" market, bodega or pharmacy chain, check out the back of the bottle. I bet it was distributed by one of the following:

While you’re back there, see how many of the ingredients you can pronounce… Not many, right? The skin is your body’s largest organ, and all of the chemicals in these lotions, soaps, and cosmetics soak into your bloodstream as soon as you apply. The ingredients in these products effect your body, just like the ingredients in food. So although it might be as convenient as "drive thru," as cheap as the "dollar menu" or as familiar as a "happy meal," just remember - skin care can be just as unhealthy as well! Next time you're deciding on a soap or cream, remember that the skin care produced by the above conglomerates is just like the fast food produced by the below chains. Would you eat food from these chains every day of your life?

If you eat natural, organic or local food to avoid toxic chemicals or even to protect the environment, you’d probably be interested in natural skincare as well. I’m not saying you should toss all your current products immediately (a whopper every now and then didn't hurt anyone...it's the daily consumption that's gross), I just want to introduce you to the products I've tried and love. This way, once your favorite products run out, you’ll know where to begin! I promise that natural skincare can be cheaper, more accessible, and even more luxurious than you realize. So with that I give you the Naturalchemyst! Here goes nothing!

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